Viewing available test categories in Lynis

When auditing a server, it may be useful to only run a particular category of tests, like firewall related tests. In that case the -tests-category parameter can be used, together with the category name.

Available categories

To determine what categories are available, Lynis has a built-in parameter -view-categories which lists all available files. Most of the names are self-explanatory on what of tests they include. For more information about the included tests, have a look in the ./include directory, where files are listed as tests_.


# lynis --view-categories

[+] Available test categories
- accounting
- authentication
- banners
- boot_services
- crypto
- databases
- file_integrity
- file_permissions
- filesystems
- firewalls
- hardening
- hardening_tools
- homedirs
- insecure_services
- kernel
- kernel_hardening
- ldap
- logging
- mac_frameworks
- mail_messaging
- malware
- memory_processes
- nameservices
- networking
- php
- ports_packages
- printers_spools
- scheduling
- shells
- snmp
- solaris
- squid
- ssh
- storage
- storage_nfs
- tcpwrappers
- time
- tooling
- virtualization
- webservers

After selecting which category you want to use, simply run Lynis again:

lynis audit system --tests-category firewalls

This will tell Lynis to run all firewall related tests and skip the other categories.


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