Vulnerability Scan

The Difference Between Auditing and Vulnerability Scanning

What are the differences between technical auditing and vulnerability scanning? Let's have a look.


Why both look the same, yet have subtle differences When talking about auditing, I see that most technical people immediately think about vulnerability scanning. While they definitely have things in common, there are also a lot of minor differences. In this blog post I will show them, and also share how technical auditing and vulnerability scanning can work together. Similarities and Differences Let’s first determine what makes technical auditing and vulnerability scanning look similar.

Vulnerability Scanning: The Destiny to Disappointment?

Vulnerability management is an important process to deal with vulnerabilities in software and hardware. At the same time it can become challenging very quickly.


Our digital world is full of hardware and software components. The big difference between the two is the quality. When hardware ships with defects, people will return it and talk badly about it. For software it is fine if things are not perfect from the beginning. It can be improved upon in steps, until most of its users are happy with it. Developers of this software often are some level of pressure.