How to deal with a compromised Linux system

Is your Linux system compromised or does it run suspicious processes? Learn how to investigate the system and create an action plan.

Summary of How to deal with a compromised Linux system

One day your web hoster or yourself may discover that your Linux system is slow. Upon logging in, you see a high load consumed by a suspicious process name or maybe just the Apache web server. Is your system compromised? How do you know it is? Let’s have a look at how to deal with security breaches and incident response. Recognizing a security breach Not all security breaches are directly visible.

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Lock Down Strategies for Linux Servers

Strategies to properly lock down Linux systems, from networking to file integrity. With tips and techniques to select which strategy for locking down the system.

Summary of Lock Down Strategies for Linux Servers

Most of the security defenses on Linux, are based on the earlier performed hardening activities. By locking down components on the system, the chance of a full compromise is lowered. This step-by-step locking down is a time consuming process. Time to review some of the strategies which can be applied when you want to secure your systems. Strategy 1: Locking down processes The first area to lock down are system processes.

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