How Linux Security Fails to be Simple

Linux Security Should be Simple, Right? Why that is not a reality, and we might never achieve it is discussed in this article.


Why that is not a reality, and we might never achieve it. Linux gained great popularity over the last 10 years, powering our servers and smartphones. With all the efforts put in creating more secure software, it seems installing security updates will remain a weekly task. Will this ever change? Security is Hard Properly securing a system means different things for different people. So let’s take the assumption that every system has a particular goal, secondly that it should be properly secured.

Simplifying Security: Choose the Right Toolkit, not Tool.

Too often we select security products based on the amount of features, instead of smart combinations. Don't think tools, but start building up a toolkit.


I applaud many of our customers for being smart. Not to say other people are not, but they have made a specific choice in the past based on an understanding. They understand that a single security solution to make your IT environment safe, simply does not exist. It is the combination of tools, or your toolkit, which does. For this same reason, a carpenter has a tool chest, not a single tool.