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Software Patch Management for Maximum Linux Security

Linux systems have a lot of software packages, resulting in regular upgrades and updates. Proper software patch management is key and we share how to do it.

Summary of Software Patch Management for Maximum Linux Security

Maximum Linux security with proper software patch management Software upgrades are almost as old as the first lines of software code. Still companies struggle to properly update software, also when it comes to security patching. In this article we have a look at the reason behind patching and some methods to keep your systems humming, with fresh packages. Why Update? To most of us, it instantly makes sense to keep the software on your systems up-to-date.

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What’s New in Lynis 2: Features

The upcoming Lynis 2 release will bring many new features. Focus is on simplicity, speed and supporting newer technologies like Docker and systemd.

Summary of What’s New in Lynis 2: Features

Lynis 2.x will bring security auditing of Linux and Unix systems to a new level. In this blog post we share some exciting new features. Release of Lynis 2 is planned for February 2015. Overview: History Lynis 2.x Plugins Systemd Support File Integrity Monitoring Containers & Virtualization Operating Systems Focus on Simplicity Free and Commercial Support History Lynis has been created in 2007, as a follow-up on the well-known tool Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter).

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