Updating all OpenBSD packages with pkg_add

To ensure your system is secure and stable, package management is an important task. To achieve that, use pkg_add to update your installed OpenBSD packages.

Summary of Updating all OpenBSD packages with pkg_add

Using pkg_add Keeping your systems stable and secure Every system needs to stay up-to-date with its packages, including OpenBSD. Most OpenBSD users already use pkg_add for the installation of packages. This utility can also be used for package upgrades. Option 1: Use /etc/installurl Newer OpenBSD versions use the file /etc/installurl to select the mirror for pkg_add. Option 2: PKG_PATH The first thing to do is defining your PKG_PATH. This will usually be the address of a FTP or HTTP server, which has the latest packages available.

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Vulnerabilities and Digital Signatures for OpenBSD Software Packages

When coming across an OpenBSD system, one can not ignore auditing the OpenBSD software packages and its configuration. With support for digital signatures and focus on security, it is a great...

Summary of Vulnerabilities and Digital Signatures for OpenBSD Software Packages

Auditing OpenBSD Software Packages If you audit systems on a regular basis, you eventually will come across an OpenBSD system. OpenBSD is known for its heavy focus on security, resulting in an operating system with a low footprint and well-audited source code. While most operating systems are pretty secure, they quickly will introduce new security holes when installing external software components. Although OpenBSD does careful checks for packages they add, those might be containing still a vulnerability, waiting to be discovered.

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