Tcpdump cheat sheet

Get more information out of the tcpdump tool using this cheat sheet. Find everything that is going on the network and your Linux systems.


No network packet will remain hidden

Dmidecode cheat sheet

Want to see all hardware details of a system? Then dmidecode is your friend, helping to decode all information from the SMBIOS specification.


All hardware exposed

Tar cheat sheet

Become a master in archiving and compressing files using the tar tool with this cheat sheet.


Archiving all the data

Ip cheat sheet

Want to see or configure every piece of information about networking, including routing on Linux? Forget tools like netstat and learn using the ip command.


No more networking secrets

Lsof cheat sheet

Get information about open files on Linux using the lsof command. This cheat sheet covers many common uses for using lsof and how to use it.


Show open file information

Ss cheat sheet

If you want to learn more about network connections on Linux, then the socket statistics tool, ss, is the tool to get the job done. Learn how to use it with this cheat sheet.


Reveal all those sockets

Du cheat sheet

Get more out of the du utility with this cheat sheet. Use it as a reference to find often-used options or those that come handy in time.


Find out who is using up that disk space

Find cheat sheet

The find utility is probably the best tool to find files on your system, but it has some learning curve to get everything out of it. We help you to achieve that with this cheat sheet.


Learn to search and to find

Curl cheat sheet

One of the best HTTP clients is the open source tool curl. With ongoing development and continuously new updates, it is worth getting everything out of this powerful tool!


Download files and troubleshoot issues faster with curl

AWK cheat sheet

When it comes to a powerful tools on Linux, AWK is definitely one to know. This cheat sheet explains the basics and shows many useful one-liners


Parse files quicker with smarter expressions