Monitor for File System Changes on Linux

Protecting against file system changes is an important step in keeping your systems secure. Prevention is important, but detection might be more valuable!

Summary of Monitor for File System Changes on Linux

The most important areas with information security are preventing some events from occurring and detecting it if something still happens. Unfortunately most companies forget to put enough effort in detection unauthorized activities. In this article we have a special look at monitoring your file system, to detect changes to your critical system files and their configuration files. Method 1: File Integrity tools The first method is monitoring file changes with the help of specific tools.

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Monitoring Linux Systems for Rootkits

To properly protect your system against malware systems should be monitored. Monitoring for rootkits and other forms of malware, will help with intrusion detection.

Summary of Monitoring Linux Systems for Rootkits

Detecting and preventing rootkits Rootkits are considered to be one of the most tricky pieces of malware. Usually they are loaded onto the system by exploiting weaknesses in software. Next phase is being installed and hide as good as possible, to prevent detection. We have a look at a few security measures you can take to prevent this kind of threat. System Protection Kernel The kernel is the brain of the software system and decides what should be executed by the central processing unit.

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Security Defenses to Fortify your Linux Systems

Your Linux systems should be protected against common security attacks. By using 4 common techniques, we can fortify our systems like a real fortress.

Summary of Security Defenses to Fortify your Linux Systems

Create a Linux security fortress; implementing security defenses using towers, bridges, and guards. Still many companies have difficulties implementing basic security measures. Even after years of websites being defaced, and customer records stolen, the same mistakes are made over and over again. While this all might sound like an unsolvable situation, information security is getting attention from more people. If you are responsible for the system management of Linux systems, ignoring security is no longer an option.

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