Linux Security Modules

How to become a Linux security expert?

Demand for Linux security experts has risen over the last years. This article shows the relevant Linux security topics and required skills. Do you master them?


Years ago it was a challenge to find screenshots of devices running Linux. Nowadays, Linux can power phones, TV’s, computer systems, mainframes, and many more devices. With more devices, the demand for Linux knowledge will continue to grow. At the same time, the demand for security is higher than ever. All the media attention and regulations like GDPR, asks for more Linux security specialists. In this post, the goal is to answer the question: How to become a Linux security expert?

An Introduction Into Linux Security Modules

Security frameworks like SELinux, AppArmor, and SMACK, provide protection to Linux. Learn about these Linux security modules (LSM).


Background of Linux security modules Like normal kernel modules, security modules extend the basic functionality of the Linux kernel. The need for a modular structure was proposed when SELinux was being introduced. There was a little discussion to use modules or not, as SELinux was the only one being available. Some people proposed apply it as a kernel patch, but in the end Linux creator Torvalds, decided to make this type of functionality modular.