How to see the last X lines with journalctl

Limit the output from journalctl by defining the number of lines you want to see.


Perform smarter queries when requesting information from journalctl

Journalctl cheat sheet

Learn how to get every piece of information from systemd journals with the journalctl command. Use this cheat sheet as reference to learn about more available options.


Query the journal and find the needle

Finding boot logs in systemd journals

This article shows how to find boot logs in the systemd journal. Learn the commands to query all relevant information.


Systemd used a binary log to store information about specific events. These events include the boot sequence and the related output. In this article we have a look at finding our boot logs in systemd journals. Binary logging When using systemd, boot data is stored in journals, a binary format. There is big benefit of saving boot data in a binary format: log information of each boot can be stored separately, linked to other pieces of information, and queried easier and quicker.