DevOps vs Security: Can Docker make a difference?

Docker Inc. is one of the pioneers in the world DevOps, Known for its toolkit around Linux container technology.


One of the pioneers in the world DevOps, is the company Docker Inc. Known for its toolkit around Linux container technology, they propel the way this technology evolves and is promoted to the world. With great achievements and interest from the outside world, also comes a lot of pressure. Competing products are showing up, resulting in a battle for features, pricing and customers. Unfortunately for security professionals like us, the many security lessons from the past seems to be forgotten.

Linux Security for DevOps

With security getting more and more attention, we focus on Linux security for DevOps. Also DevOps will need hardening, auditing and dealing with compliance.


During the last years the role of DevOps evolved. This person could be described as the hybrid: a system administrator with development skills, or the developer which is also infrastructure savvy. With Linux and so many available tooling, it is becoming easier for people to learn both development and managing infrastructures. We are especially interested in Linux security for DevOps and what they can apply. Automation is key Repeating work is not only boring, but also a waste of time.