The command pidstat provides details about CPU, memory, and disk activity by processes.


Troubleshooting CPU usage

Articles and information about troubleshooting system performance issues with focus on CPU usage.


Got a busy system that comes to a halt due it being too busy? In this article we look at troubleshooting issues related to CPU usage. Monitoring CPU usage The tool top might be the most familiar tool to monitor CPU or memory usage. A good alternative is the pidstat tool. It can be using an interval and easily show active processes, followed by a summary. # pidstat 3 Linux 6.


The lscpu command reports information about the CPU, such as architecture, vendor identification, virtualization features, cache, and even CPU vulnerabilities.


How to see CPU details

Show CPU details such as architecture, vendor, caches, virtualization options, and even known CPU vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre.


Show CPU details