Arch Linux

How to check if your Arch Linux system needs a reboot

Want to check if a reboot of the system is needed on Arch Linux? Here is how that can be done including the relevant commands.

Summary of How to check if your Arch Linux system needs a reboot

By default Arch will install the kernel in /boot with the name vmlinuz-linux. To determine if the system is running the latest kernel, we can compare the running kernel and the one on disk. Running kernel One way to determine the running kernel is with the uname command. By default installed and with the -r parameter it will provide the kernel release version. # uname -r 3.17.4-1-ARCH Kernel on disk Checking the latest kernel on disk is almost as easy.

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Installation of Lynis on Arch Linux systems

Lynis is available as a package for Arch Linux and installation is just a few steps. We look at the options to install Lynis on your favorite Linux distro.

Summary of Installation of Lynis on Arch Linux systems

Tutorial for Lynis installation on Arch Linux Pacman Arch Linux is getting more popular, due to its great community support and the way it is organized. Being a “rolling release” system, it is continuously up-to-date. Of course you want to make sure your security defenses are equally up-to-date, so that’s where Lynis comes in. Normally pacman is used for installing new packages. Unfortunately, the lynis package does not show up.

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Show vulnerable packages on Arch Linux with arch-audit

With the right tool, arch-audit in this case, we can find any vulnerable package that is installed on a Arch Linux system. Learn how it works.

Summary of Show vulnerable packages on Arch Linux with arch-audit

Vulnerabilities happen and are usually fairly quickly fixed. This is also true for Arch Linux. This rolling distribution can be considered to be always up-to-date, as it uses the latest versions of software packages from the upstream. When there is an update, it doesn’t take long that it becomes available and can be installed with package manager pacman. One problem that remained was the inability to quickly test if you have any vulnerable packages.

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What’s New in Lynis 2: Features

The upcoming Lynis 2 release will bring many new features. Focus is on simplicity, speed and supporting newer technologies like Docker and systemd.

Summary of What’s New in Lynis 2: Features

Lynis 2.x will bring security auditing of Linux and Unix systems to a new level. In this blog post we share some exciting new features. Release of Lynis 2 is planned for February 2015. Overview: History Lynis 2.x Plugins Systemd Support File Integrity Monitoring Containers & Virtualization Operating Systems Focus on Simplicity Free and Commercial Support History Lynis has been created in 2007, as a follow-up on the well-known tool Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter).

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