Linux kernel security and how to improve it

Linux kernel security Every system is as strong as its weakest link. In the case of an operating system a weakness in the kernel often means a total compromise. Therefore we focus in this article on Linux kernel security, what we can do and where to look for. Configuration of the kernel To view or configure security related parameters of the kernel, there is the /etc/sysctl.conf file. This file stores the parameters and is read during boot time. However we […]

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FreeBSD hardening with Lynis

FreeBSD hardening with Lynis Lynis development has its roots on a FreeBSD system, therefore FreeBSD hardening is also easy and supported when using Lynis. People who want to audit and harden their FreeBSD system will discover Lynis to be a powerful tool for this purpose. In this article we will focus on how to audit your system with Lynis. Lynis Lynis is an open source audit tool. It only requires root access and a normal shell and the tool is […]

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How to secure Linux systems – Auditing, Hardening and Security

How to secure Linux systems Within this article we have a look on how to secure a Linux system. Focus of the article is providing tips regarding auditing, hardening and general security of Linux servers. Hardening Focus on minimizing By minimizing the footprint of the server, its data and users, we can more quickly determine if a system is running properly. Also risks will be reduced, as every part on a system might be something which can be sooner or […]

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