kill allows sending a signal to processes.

The kill command is used on Linux to send a process signals. This can be a numeric value or its defined name (e.g. SIGTERM).


When kill is not installed by default, it can be added to the system using the relevant software package.

Package information for kill

Operating systemPackage nameInstallation
dnf install procps-ng
Arch Linuxprocps-ng
pacman -S procps-ng
apt install procps
dnf install procps-ng
Red Hat Enterprise Linuxprocps-ng
dnf install procps-ng
Rocky Linuxprocps-ng
dnf install procps-ng
apt install procps

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Available options

Short optionLong optionDescription
-l [SIGNAL]--list [SIGNAL]Show signal names. Signal is optional, can be used to translate between name and number. Note: Long option might not work.
-L--tableShow signal names in a table. Note: long option might not work
-s SIGNAL--signal SIGNALSpecify the signal to send. Not: long option might not work

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Examples using kill

Convert signal number to a name

Translate signal 9 to a name

kill -l 9

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