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SSH ProxyJump option

The ProxyJump defines a bastion host (jump host, jump server, jump box) to use.


noneDisable ProxyJump functionality
HOSTDefine the hostname of the bastion host
[USER]HOST[:PORT]Define one or more parameters of the bastion host
URIDefine parameters in URI format


Format: hostname


Format: user@hostname


Format: hostname:port

Command-line usage

ssh -J bastion destinationsystem

These parameters can also be specified in the format as a URI .

ssh -J ssh://user@hostname:port destinationsystem

Configuration file

While command-line usage is available, typically the settings for a bastion host are stored in your local SSH configuration file.

Host jumphost
   HostName jumphost.example.com

Host webserver
    HostName webserver.example.com
    ProxyJump jumphost

ProxyCommand versus ProxyJump

Before the ProxyJump option was available, jumping was done via the ProxyCommand option.

When both options are set, then the first one available will be used.


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