Security Tools

Security tools for Linux

During the time that we are working on this blog, we came across many useful security tools. As the developers of Lynis, we always like to see what else is available. There is a lot: fuzzing tools, malware scanners, port scanners, vulnerability detection solutions, etc. On this page, we will collect a set of tools that are covered here on the blog.

For those who want to become a true Linux security expert, we create a list of Linux security tools. This page will provide information on available security tools. That means their purpose, and also the option to compare them.

Port scanners

A port scanner helps with the detection of services. They are used by pentesters and system administrators. Learn what ports are opened on your systems.

  • Nmap

Vulnerability scanners

Almost every system has weaknesses. These so-called vulnerabilities can result in data breaches or even data loss. With the right vulnerability scanner, you can find these weaknesses and repair them. Since there are many, each with their own focus, combine them and use them wisely.

  • Lynis
  • OpenVAS