Frequently asked questions for Processes

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How to find all process IDs by its process name

Discover the process ID (PID) on Linux for a running process by searching for its process name.

How to kill a running process by its name

Find and stop a running process on Linux by searching for its name using the killall or pkill command.

How to kill a zombie process

How to kill a zombie process if it does not respond to kill -9? Here are a few last steps that you can try.

How to see cgroup in ps output

Want to see the control group in the output of the ps command? Here is how to tune your command options to include that.

How to see the cgroup of a process

Learn how to find the control group (cgroup) of a process by using /proc, pidof, or ps.

How to show a running process name and its process ID (PID)

Find the process ID (PID) and process name on Linux with the help of the pgrep command.

How to stop all processes of a single user

Learn how to stop all processes of a single user using the killall command.

What is a zombie process?

What is a zombie process on Linux and how to deal with it? In this article we will have a look at the details.