More love for infosec defenders

Infosec defenders are a rare breed

Most security conferences focus on the offensive side of security. Recently O’Reilly decided to change things a bit and come with a conference focused on defensive security. If you ask us, a great step to give defense a boost in attention. As O’Reilly is also focusing on open source, a perfect match with our audience.

Disclaimer: we have no affiliation with O’Reilly, their conference, or services. We promote them as they increase knowledge sharing.


The first upcoming conferences are:

  • New York: October 31st – November 2nd
  • Amsterdam: 9-11 November


Screenshot of O'Reilly security conference

If you have the chance to go: visit the conference, learn, and especially share your lessons. We need to keep sharing as much as possible, being defenders.

2016 O’Reilly defender awards

O’Reilly steps up their game by also providing a defender award. Help them select a worthy defender by submitting his or her name.


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