Learn about the sysctl command and how it can help with kernel tunables to alter the system configuration and perform additional security hardening.


Introduction The sysctl tool allows configuring kernel parameters or tunables. By changing related sysctl keys and their individual values, the system behavior can be changed. Several keys are related to security and can help with kernel hardening, or system hardening in general. Files and locations The configuration of sysctl is typically spread over multiple files and paths. Systems with systemd will have additional paths. Files are read in order and the first match of a kernel setting is used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it tainted Linux kernel?

The Linux kernel is marked tainted when a specific event happened that could impact reliable troubleshooting of kernel issues.

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How to find the cause of a tainted Linux kernel?

Run the dmesg or journalctl command and search for 'tainted'.

dmesg | grep -i tainted

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