Frequently Asked Questions for Hardware

How to list all USB devices

Retrieve device information from USB hubs and devices using the lsusb command.


Retrieve USB device information using lsusb

How to see BIOS details

Show bios details from within a Linux system. Learn how to query these details and where to find more information.


Show BIOS information using dmidecode

How to see CPU details

Show CPU details such as architecture, vendor, caches, virtualization options, and even known CPU vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre.


Show CPU details

How to see hard disk specifications and details

Show more detailed information about the available hard disks in the system. Specifications like speed, serial number, firmware, and other details.


More in-depth information about the available hard disks

How to see memory information such as type and speed

Show memory information and details such as the number of banks in use, the memory type and speed.


Show memory details

How to see the available hard disks

Show the available hard disks in a system by using the right Linux tool. There are multiple options to pick, so let's have a look.


Query the available hard disk(s)