How to solve Shellshock on Debian and Ubuntu

Protect against Shellshock Shellshock is a serious software weakness, or vulnerability, in Bash. This shell is used on almost all Unix based systems, including Debian and Ubuntu. As it can be used without much effort and remotely exploit systems, it has a maximum vulnerability score according to CVSS. Upgrade Bash First update the software repository with apt-get, using the update parameter. apt-get update && apt-get install –only-upgrade bash Your system should now have a newer version of bash. You can […]

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Linux Security for DevOps

Linux Security for DevOps During the last years the role of DevOps evolved. This person could be described as the hybrid: a system administrator with development skills, or the developer which is also infrastructure savvy. With Linux and so many available tooling, it is becoming easier for people to learn both development and managing infrastructures. We are especially interested in Linux security for DevOps and what they can apply. Automation is key Repeating work is not only boring, but also […]

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