How to become a Linux security expert?

Demand for Linux security experts has risen over the last years. This article shows the relevant Linux security topics and required skills. Do you master them?


Years ago it was a challenge to find screenshots of devices running Linux. Nowadays, Linux can power phones, TV’s, computer systems, mainframes, and many more devices. With more devices, the demand for Linux knowledge will continue to grow. At the same time, the demand for security is higher than ever. All the media attention and regulations like GDPR, asks for more Linux security specialists. In this post, the goal is to answer the question: How to become a Linux security expert?

Three Lessons for Security Professionals: Be a Donkey!

We think we are the smartest animals on the planet. As security professionals, we might adopt some tricks from the donkey!


How being a donkey can help you succeed in your daily work. The donkey is considered to be a stupid animal in most of the western world. Actually, we might be pretty wrong about our current believes. As security professionals, we can definitely learn something from these friendly-looking creatures. 1) Learn Quickly We have a Dutch saying “A donkey does not bump into the same stone twice”. The thought is that if you make the same mistake twice, you are stupid.