Three Lessons for Security Professionals: Be a Donkey!

We think we are the smartest animals on the planet. As security professionals, we might adopt some tricks from the donkey!


How being a donkey can help you succeed in your daily work. The donkey is considered to be a stupid animal in most of the western world. Actually, we might be pretty wrong about our current believes. As security professionals, we can definitely learn something from these friendly-looking creatures. 1) Learn Quickly We have a Dutch saying “A donkey does not bump into the same stone twice”. The thought is that if you make the same mistake twice, you are stupid.

Budgeting for Techies: How to Get Money for a New Security Tool

Tired of the 'sorry, no budget' each time you want the company to buy a new software tool? Here are some tips to get that budget.


How to Get Money for a New Security Tool We all know the common answer when asking for a new software tool: “sorry, no budget”. But why is that? Often because we, as technical oriented people, simply don’t know how budgeting works. Not surprising, as no one taught us. The downside is that it limits us seriously, to obtain the right tools for the job. Time to combine tech, money, and skills, to get finally that new tool you wanted!