Blog migrated to HTTPS, HTTP/2, and more

Our blog is about Linux security, so one day it had to be migrated to HTTPS. Last weekend that migration (finally) happened.

After a few days of testing, it is now live with the following options:

  • HTTPS by default
  • New HTTP/2 protocol
  • Available via IPv4 and IPv6
  • Caching

Before, we had our blog running with Pound and a Varnish cache. We also optimized these two software packages for both performance and security. With those gone, a lot of optimizations had to be reimplemented. The blog now contains file based caching, and a wide set of security measures to protect the WordPress installation. After all, a secure solution should also be quick.

We hope you enjoy the new optimized blog. Found an issue? Report it via the contact page.


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Lynis Enterprise screenshot to help with system hardening

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