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Linux Audit is one of the few blogs dedicated to Linux security. We aim for high-quality articles to explain security concepts and how they apply to Linux systems.

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You can monitor ongoing and new connections linked to a process

lsof -a -i -r 1 -p 1234

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Learn how to sort the output of the ls command to list a directory contents by its modification time.

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Schedule a repeating task via systemd by using a timer. Learn how to configure and use it.

How to check if systemd is being used or active

Learn how to quickly confirm that systemd is being used as your system and service manager.

How to add a SSH key to the SSH agent

Learn how to load and use your SSH key together with a SSH agent.

How to see all enabled services with systemctl

The systemctl command can be used to show all service units and filter those that are enabled.

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Inspect your systems with security tools and manually by knowing what to look for.

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How to secure a Linux system

Auditing »


Save time by learning how to automate manual and repeating tasks.

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Shell scripting

Automation »


Everything related to compliance, such as security auditing and system hardening.

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GDPR Compliance: Technical Requirements for Linux Systems

Compliance »

File systems

Everything about storing data on a file system

Latest article (of 21):
How to display directory contents sorted by modification time

File systems »


Apply defenses to your Linux systems and make them less vulnerable.

Latest article (of 30):
How to secure a Linux system

Hardening »


Everything related to Linux, from the basics of system administration to running services and securing them.

Latest article (of 37):
How to block POST requests in nginx

Linux »


Configure, maintain, and monitor software applications

Latest article (of 33):
How to show all installed packages with pacman

Software »

System administration

Learn generic Linux and security concepts with the articles in our system administrator category

Latest article (of 196):
How to display directory contents sorted by modification time

System administration »


Know what vulnerabilities could be present on your systems and how to harden your Linux environment.

Latest article (of 12):
Show vulnerable packages on Arch Linux with arch-audit

Vulnerabilities »


Let’s build a better web together

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Hardening nginx with systemd security features

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